Flaming George Pipeline: Colorado’s Most Controversial Hydropower Service Project

Flaming Gorge pipeline is put forward to use up huge amount of water from Green River in southwest Wyoming. The proposal would pump and drain out water across Continental Divide, Wyoming, and Front Range of Colorado. We'd like to petition that there be solar installations in place of energy instead.

The proposed duct is not only expensive, but also awful method in terms of river protection and water supply policy in Colorado. Once the proposal went public, people started protesting and voted to stop funding for research, and study material for the channel.

Growing Concerns

Water conservation communities highlighted that Colorado is a growing state and it should focus on protection first. The organization stated that the government should not waste public’s money on such outlandish projects, but instead focus on conserving water supply solutions, recycling, re-use of water, and mutual collaboration with farmers.

“Save the Colorado” plan is to stop the Flaming Gorge Pipeline and collaborators created STOPFLAMINGGORGEPIPELINE.ORG where public votes went. People can also sign petition, and share it their friends to oppose this project. If pipeline was built, the condition could have gone worse by now.

End Selective Service Now

The natural resources like water should be given more importance; Flaming Gorge pipeline would have created ideal state for noxious weeds, affecting bighorn sheep, mule deer, and few other species that is bad for a garden. The fluctuating flows on river below dam level will impact few species, such as osprey, bald eagle, river otter, and yellow billed cuckoo. The lower water levels could only add to challenges. Moreover, it could stop access to available boat ramps that would impact business, which depends on the shores and reservoir of Flaming Gorge; a beautiful garden-like piece of nature.

Recycling Benefits

Besides our interest in stopping the Flaming Gorge Pipeline, we highly value the need to recycle for the cause of the environment. Unfortunately, the result of living in a world with more than 7 billion people is that there is a lot of trash that accumulates that is non-biodegradable. There are many types of recycling that are beneficial for the good of the Earth, including recycling of plastics, metal and glass recycling, paper shredding recycling, wood, oil, anti-freeze, and more. The point being that recycling is highly beneficial for the environment, and so is great for the livelihood of those who live on the green earth. Why are we writing about this? Our organization is going to be partnering with some of the greatest companies that help get the word out about why it's great to recycle.